About Glamoursmoking

As long as you are vaping you better do it with style! – this is my personal motto and it’s what this website is all about. I am a 24 year old e-cigarette enthusiast that has been vaping for the past three years and managed to quit tobacco smokes only after a couple of weeks. My quality of life has greatly improved after I tried my first ecig and now I want to share my personal experience about vaping with the world. When you are a woman it’s a bit complicated to find the perfect e-cigarette to match your day-to-day outfit and to be a small extension of your personality.

I know this because even though I have more than fifteen of them on my desk at the moment, I still don’t know which one to match with my newly bought red suede high heel shoes – and no, it’s not a joke.

I believe vaping is more than puffing on an e-cigarette – it’s a way of life and it requires a certain etiquette. This is the main reason behind Glamoursmoking, a website dedicated to the sophisticated reader that wants more than a pink vape pen. It’s like my personal journal, where I’m going to take you on a ride through the fascinating world of stylish and fashionable personal vaporizers and help you get under the spotlight each time you’re out with friends or even on a romantic date. I’m going to tell you my honest opinion about the products I got the chance to test and what’s on my wish list for the near future. I will also present some of the best alternatives for classy women’s e-cigarettes and where you can find them.

There’s absolutely no reason for why vaping and fashion shouldn’t go together and I sincerely hope I can give you some ideas in order to make your visit here totally worth it. And please, don’t be a stranger and feel totally free to comment on my reviews or posts as I’m more than happy to reply and listen to your opinion.

Regards, Kimberly